About Us


Benstar Electronics Pvt. Ltd. had been stand by a unit of motivated, highly qualified and experienced engineers and because of the excellent knowledge that the unit has of the Indian market segment, has already made a remarkable knot for itself in the defense and Electronics Industry. We Offer a wide range of industrial grade, MIL grade and Space qualified Active & Passive components as well as electro-mechanical products; Since birth Benstar Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is spreading his appearance in the industry like “AIR IN SKY” in a very short period of time. As we continue to grow with time, we strive to use our experience and expertise in the industry to bring better products and better solutions to our clients.
Benstar Electronics Pvt. Ltd. vision is to become a partner of global leader with our strong commitment, dedication and experience in the field of Electronics and Communication. Benstar Electronics Pvt. Ltd. offers highest possible customer satisfaction through quality products, competitive pricing and on-time delivery.
Benstar Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is proud to bring together a team of highly qualified, motivated and experienced Engineers and Sales Engineers. Our team of Technical Consultants continues to guide us in the right direction with their extensive knowledge in the Defense and Aerospace Industry in India. Benstar Electronics Pvt. Ltd. tries at every level to bring the best talent in every field to deliver high quality products and complete client satisfaction.
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